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Ryan's 30th birthday is quickly approaching, and coincidentally, he is starting to record demos for his next album. Part of turning 30 means growing up, which is why we want to gift Ryan with the opportunity to record in a studio, rather than the basement. We all know Ryan is fully capable of making music in any place, such as the backyard, where he was recently found using a slinky as a radio antenna for sampling sounds from North Korean radio. However, for his dirty 30, wouldn't it be great if he could bring his band into a proper studio? His partner-in-sauce, Cory, has kindly offered his time, if we can get the space at Typefoundry, where many of Ryan's favorite musicians have recorded.

That being said, we all know that musicians don't necessarily need money, but they do need FANS. So if you want to write Ryan a fan letter, leave your message below, and you will help make his birthday truly special.

If you want to contribute to this birthday gift, you can send cash via Square Cash, (5309023895) or discretely mail a check to: Meg Stively 3708 SE Washington Street Portland, OR 97214.

Since he is already starting to record some demos, this will be an early birthday gift, and I will present him with his card and fan mail on April 1st, and hopefully he can book some studio time before his real day, on May 21st.

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