Post-travel Melancholy: I brought the blues back from Japan.

I've been home from Japan for a little over a week, and a deep melancholy greets my bones each morning when I wake up in my own bed. My body has the blues; it's sluggish, slow to respond, and heavy in my shoes. While I am happy to feel my cat asleep on my feet in the morning, sleep itself is hard to find. My dreams are strange, and waking is even stranger. I'm experiencing unpleasant episodes of dissociation, split between Tokyo and Portland, two very different places.

Everything in Tokyo was vivid, to the highest degree, and I was certain I could hold onto those feelings for a long time. It's only been a week, and I already have to close my eyes and focus hard on the sights and sounds I left across the Pacific. 

So far distraction has been the only antidote to these post-travel blues. I sewed up a very cozy Inari Tee Dress in a thick, squishy, striped knit, and I already have a woven version of the pattern cut out and ready to go. If my body feels comfortable, my mind will usually follow.

Inari Tee Dress by Named Patterns. US size 8, shortened by three inches.

Inari Tee Dress by Named Patterns. US size 8, shortened by three inches.

And this dress is so comfortable. I love the gentle cocoon shape, and the asymmetrical slits (though I accidentally made mine a bit too high). Any dress that has a little give around the belly is a dress meant for me. I think this is my new go-to sewing pattern.

Sitting at the sewing machine again was admittedly very therapeutic. It killed my blues for a few hours, but how long will it take to feel adjusted again? Tokyo rocked my world - for real, there was a 5.3 earthquake! - and I think it is very possible for a short trip to a foreign country to permanently alter your perception. 

inari 3.JPG

Until my body lets go of this melancholy, I have plenty of memories (and a few Studio Ghibli souvenirs) to ease the transition. Plus, these new THREADFOX garment tags make my sewing projects feel extra special...