Dyeing among friends.

I am incredibly lucky. All of my friends are amazing artists. From music to print making, cooking to graphic design, and writing to producing, I am surrounded by talented, inspiring people. 


For the past few months, I have been collaborating with a dear friend, Alyson Provax, who is translating her beautiful art to fabric, so that I can selfishly sew it all up.  What I love most about Alyson's art is her perspective on texture and placement. Whether its a scene, a phrase, or colors, everything she touches looks like it is in its right place.

Alyson's designs.

Alyson has been hand dyeing and hand painting canvas, linen, and denim. I came over during a dye sesh, and took a few pictures. She has been mixing her own colors to get those oh-so-pretty shades. 

A basket of ready-to-dye fabric

The hardest part, aside from rinsing, rinsing and more rinsing, is waiting to see the results. Every piece of fabric becomes a surprise.

Alyson is a bit of a mixologist, using soda ash, and salt to get those amazing textures.

Her colors look great with a shibori technique, as well as my favorite trick of hers, which lacks a name, but is best described as "wadding fabric in an empty yogurt container and splashing it with dye" dyeing. We filled a basket with several experiments - folding fabric between boards, twisting fabric into tight ropes, using rubber bands and wood blocks, and laying out the fabric flat and sprinkling with salt for hand painting.

Patience makes for great colors

Lately, I will come home from work to find a mysterious paper bag on my porch, and as soon as I peek inside and see a bunch of colors, I know that Alyson has just finished a dye batch. What a lovely thing to come home to!

A hand-dyed scarf.

Working with friends is the best way to create -- I get lonely sewing and crafting by myself, and having folks around me always leads to great conversations, new ideas, and the best kind of criticism.

I hope to soon include some of her text in what I am making as well. Did I forget to mention Alyson is also a wordsmith?

Check out Alyson's TimeWasting Experiment. Seriously, leave my blog and go check it out now.

Hard at work with those rubber bands.

I want to reiterate how grateful I am to be able to create with friends. What a warm, fuzzy feeling. Stay tuned for more of our creations. And, please, for your own sake, go take a few to gaze at Alyson's art...